Valentines Day Date Ideas

So if you’re like me, you love Valentine’s Day. I know a lot of people don’t like the holiday, even if they’re with someone, but I see it as just a fun little holiday meant for getting super cheesy without being judged. Leading up to the holiday, a majority of my posts are going to be reflective of V-day! Today’s post….

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas:

Ice skating:
This is one of my favorite date ideas for V-day… especially if you want to do something fun and inexpensive. Josh and I went ice skating on our first V-day and it was so much fun. It’s not expensive at all and most places should run about under $13 (including skate rental.) If neither of you know how to skate, it could still be a lot of fun. The two of you could learn a new skill together. All the falling could call for some serious giggles and “remember whens” in the future.

Find a cool groupon and insist on making it a date. Groupon allows you to do super cool things for a lot cheaper! If you want to be a really cool girlfriend, you could find something he likes and go from there. It will definitely end up scoring you some bonus points.

The way to a man’s heart is through his….
Stomach! Okay, so I’m not the cook in my relationship, but if I was, I would totally try this date idea out! Guys love a girl who can cook. Why not cook a meal at home complete with wine or champagne. This idea is a good one because let’s face it, restaurants tend to fill up on V-day. I suggest pairing this date idea with another… ice skating perhaps? Or….

Find a meal you can make together! Or a dessert if you desire. Just make sure you split up the tasks so one isn’t doing more than the other. Josh and I tried to do this and he ended up doing everything. I got upset…

Movie night:
Why not make chocolate covered strawberries together and then rent a movie both of you have been dying to see… or it can be a cheesy romance movie if your guy is willing to sacrifice his masculinity (and be a great boyfriend.) Either way, watch the movie, eat the strawberries and cuddle under a warm fuzzy blanket all night. Simple and romantic.

Fill out an activity book together:
You have seen them before: The book about best friends, a “why I love you book,” or a book you fill out about your relationship. I have filled one of these out before and I had so much nostalgia thinking about my time with Josh as I filled it out. It could turn very romantic if you two are both reminiscing together about your relationship and verbalizing what exactly you love about each other. These books don’t get too pricey either. I bought one for $15 last year and here’s one on Urban Outfitters website for $12!

Make a Craft together!
Well, I am “the crafty girlfriend” so it was inevitable that I would sneak a craft in here and obviously I was going to save the best for last! Here’s something I always wanted to try… and will try soon and then review it: A salt dough heart pendant. You just press you finger print at an angle into the dough and he does the same so that it forms a heart. Here’s the link to a simple explanation of what you do!

If you’re feeling extra into this V-day, you could always go hard and combine all of these V-day plans into one! Stay tuned for more exciting V-day blog posts!

Till next time,


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