The Valentine’s Presents We WISH Guys Would Get Us

I know I’m not the only one who is tired of the conventional chocolate and flowers that guys will get us for Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all into getting sappy and cheesy but here’s something called:

The Valentine’s Day Presents We WISH Guys Would Get Us:
(Or presents I WISH Josh would get me)

1. Butter London Nail Polish in Snog, Hen Party, or Disco Biscuit.
This is such a nice present idea. These colors are perfect for Valentine’s Day and Butter London is an amazing brand! It’s a brand that I feel many guys don’t know about but should know about so they please us. It’s a simple, non-sappy gift. It’s something that guys would probably not know to get us unless we ask them to!

2. A beautiful, expensive  bouquet in a nice vase
Enough with the boring grocery store bought plastic wrapped bouquets or rose or carnations. Get your girl something that you have to order online and have delivered to her or pick it up and bring it to her yourself. Expensive arrangements are beautiful… even if they will soon die.

3. A personalized iPhone/iPad cover
I saw one of these on Pinterest and it got me thinking… I would love one for Valentine’s Day. It certainly strays away from the average chocolate and roses. It’s something different and perfect for a tech-savvy girl!

4.  A Spa Gift Card
This is perfect for the stressed out gal. And if the guys smart, he can make a date out of it and get some TLC himself. Let’s get real, who wouldn’t love this gift! I know I need a day of relaxation.

5. Say my name undies from Fleur Du Mal
Okay, this is sexy, flirty and insanely cute! This is for the lingerie connoisseur. Guys out there need to get personal with Valentine’s Day… literally and personalize a gift by putting their name on a pair of panties. On the Fleur Du Mal website you can pick the underwear color and the thread color. This is a super unique and crafty gift.

6. Couple’s Jewelry
I’ve asked for a couple’s ring before. Kay Jewelers makes beautiful couples jewelry where you can personalize it with both of your names and birthstone. You can even go on etsy and have a seller customize one for you!

7. The whole Michael Kors gift guide!
I’m in love with Michael Kors and nowadays, it’s hard to find a gal that isn’t. His gift guide is amazing. My personal favorites:
Hamilton Large Studded Tote: $448
Enamel Buckle Bracelet: $95
iPhone 5 Clutch Case in Pink: $80
Concave Pave Ring: $125
Jet Set Saffiano Tote: $228

8. A.V. Max Wire Word Bracelet at Urban Outfitters
This is a simple thin gold bangle with the word “love” in script. It’s beautiful and simple. Scripty bracelets are so in right now and this is perfect. The bangle goes for $48.

9. Lola by Marc Jacobs
This perfume is almost as Valentine’s Day themed as you can get! It’s scent is a mixture of warm floral rose, fuchsia peony, geranium, pink peppercorn, pear, ruby red grapefruit, vanilla, tonka bean ad a creamy musk. The bottle is beautiful. It’s in a purple bottle topped with a gorgeous floral cap.

10. A Red Dress and a note
If I guy were to sneakily leave a box with a red ribbon on my bed and inside were a dress with a note I would go crazy. It’s something out of a romance movie like Pretty Woman, but honestly… who wouldn’t faint at this happening?  It would be a red dress with a note that says something like “Be ready by 8.” Then he would whisk you away to some fancy dinner.

This list of ten was in no particular order, but if I were going to pick my top gift idea (aside from number 10 because let’s face it, that would never happen) I would go with the Spa Gift card… and he would make it a date. I just feel like that would be the most creative of all of the ideas and God knows I need a break.  


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