Why I Started my Crafty Girlfriend Blog

I just want to take this time to explain why I started my Crafty Girlfriend Blog (aside from the fact that I had to for class.) I guess you can say I was inspired by the hours a day that I would spend on Pinterest, looking for crafts I could make for my boyfriend or date ideas, etc. I could never find one place where everything I wanted was in one place. Therefore, I started my blog.

So… I don’t have any craft posts yet… but I’m getting there. Many of them will be Pinterest Inspired. These crafts will be related to my blog topic: your relationship. I plan on doing crafts having to do with Valentine’s Day, birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day, anniversaries and random cute crafts you can do whenever.

My blog will also explore dating tips and relationship advice. Being as Josh and I have almost been together for 3 years (4/10/10) I seem to be the relationship advice guru among t my friends. It’s something I enjoy. Whenever they ask me another question, I’ll be sure to blog about my response. I’ll also be giving advice from my own experiences I have with Josh… and how to handle things.

I plan on showing tutorials of hair styles (mostly found on Pinterest!) and outfit ideas for any sort of date you may find yourself getting ready for. I know I spend hours in front of my closet trying to find the perfect ensemble and I continue looking until I find that my bed is littered with jeans, dresses, tops, skirts and shoes! Hopefully, this will simplify things for you.


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