How to personalize your Valentine’s Day: Home Made Valentine’s

How to personalize your Valentine’s Day: Home Made Valentine’s

If you want to personalize your Valentine’s Day and put a little bit of effort in it, skip the grocery store bought card. Create your own homemade Valentine’s. This doesn’t have to only be for your boyfriend. I created a card for both my boyfriend and roommate tonight.

These weren’t seriously amazing cards though! I made them at an event tonight. My Valentines were made with just some construction paper, foam stickers and some paper heart doilies. You don’t have to make an amazing homemade Valentine to be creative. I know Josh and Sydney will appreciate their Valentines.

I found some really cool Valentine’s day card tutorials on Pinterest that I would love to share. This week and next week I plan on getting more into the holiday. I’m a last minute type of girl. I just like to look at all the craft ideas before I actually do them (at last minute.)

Martha Stewart- 3D card Tutorial

Fabric Hearts Card Tutorial

Sewn Hearts Card Tutorial

If I had a sewing machine, I would do the sewn hearts card. However, I’m sure fabric glue would work just as well.

Also… if you’re in Pittsburgh, you can attend the Handmade Valentine Workshop from artists from the “I Made it” market. It’s this Saturday, February 9th from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.

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