Are you a Jealous Girlfriend?

Are you a Jealous Girlfriend? I’m guilty.

I just read Cosmo’s online article: “How Jealous Should You Get?”  After having my own jealousy issues over the week, I think this is something every girl should read. Now, I’m not a 100% believer in Cosmo (we’re not going to go over why) but, this article did make a lot of sense to me. Read the article before reading on…

1. You Catch Your Man Checking Out Another Girl…
In all fairness, I check out other guys. So… if Josh wants to check out other girls, fine. I do not want to hear about it or know about it. Actually, I would like to tell myself it never happens. I told Josh one day that there were a lot of hot guys out in the mall and he got offended (I probably shouldn’t have said that.) But then I was like, “What? It’s not like you don’t check out other girls.” And he said, “Not really…” I felt guilty. But the point is its okay if the guy does it… but doing it in front of you: No way.

3. He Tells You He’s Meeting His Ex for Drinks…
Now, irrationally I would jump down Josh’s throat and tell him “Hell no!” And rationally I would probably do that too…. Maybe not in those words. I like what Cosmo suggests. Instead, they can go out for coffee (during the day) or lunch. Alcohol and exes just seems ridiculously sketchy. That would never fly by me. I know some of my boyfriend’s exes don’t like me… so I would be alarmed. This is tricky, but you don’t want to be the crazy untrusting girlfriend (even though it’s her you don’t trust.)

4. His Friend’s Bachelor Party is at a Strip club…
Again, you would like to say “HELL NO!” But you should just do what the article suggests, and say “No lap dance.” Sounds like a fair compromise. But me? I’d add “No sticking dollars in any panties.”

5. He Won’t Tell You Who he’s Texting…
This alone is a red flag.

6. He Hangs Solo With Close Female Friends:
This is okay if you know the girl and are cool with her, if not… suggest you come too. Josh has a friend who’s a girl and he’ll go over her house sometimes (rarely actually) but I’m totally okay with that because 1.) She has a boyfriend 2.) They’ve been friends for a long time and 3.)She’s nice and likes me.

I only reviewed the ones I had something to say about, but for the most part, this article is pretty correct and straightforward. It’s definitely something to stick to. Obviously there’s other jealous situations not described in the article. My advice on that (and I should take my advice):Instead of blowing up and getting mad… cool down. Think a little before saying anything. If you blow up on your guy, it probably will start a fight. Talk to your friends and get their opinions. It’ll give you a new perspective and a different way of seeing things.

The other day, I was insanely jealous of something. The more I talked to my friends about it, I realized that I was being ridiculous. I’m thankful they helped in debunking my jealousy.

Till Later,



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