Review: The Craft Gallery Pinterest

So, I have a huge thing for Pinterest. Second only to Facebook, it is one of my favorite forms of social media. I follow Pinterest for a ton of things: art, clothes, quotes and CRAFTS. Pinterest is like a craft library. Today, I’m going to review the The Craft Gallery pinterest account, where I get the majority of my craft ideas.
The Craft Gallery is actually an independently owned, online discounted craft supply store, who buys and sells your old craft supplies. It’s a great place to buy and sell. I actually have sold a few things myself through this retailer and I have bought of few things too.

The Craft Gallery has 32 boards, 4,382 pins and 1,929 followers. The boards that I find the most helpful for my style of crafting are DIY, Paper Craft, Felt Craft and Buttons. There are other boards, among which I am most anxious to learn crafts from are Needlework (always wanted to try!) and Embroidery. I think both embroidery and needlework are very beautiful and I would love to try them. If anyone has any tips I’m open to suggestions.

I’ll share my favorite crafts from my favorite boards:

From Paper Craft
Brown Paper Bag Basket: This seems like a simple an easy craft which I have yet to try. It is a rather inexpensive way to store small items around your bedroom or even your craft room. IT’s related to paper weaving, only with a few more extra steps.

Sharpie Pencil on a Plate: This is my all time favorite DIY craft which I have tried. The plates (or mugs) are inexpensive and it’s very easy. I did this when I was moving into my first apartment. I also made a mug with this same technique for my boyfriend for his birthday last year. A very thoughtful gift if you’re looking for one. I wrote lyrics to a favorite song on it. There’s just so many uses for sharpie!

Easter Framed Picture Craft: This craft is an egg made out of colorful Easter colored buttons. I made this for a close relative, but I’m also going to make it for my boyfriend’s mother. It’s a cute thoughtful git and it’ll really show your crafty side… especially if you’re looking to own bonus points.

So try out some of the crafts from this Pinterest! And let me know how it goes. Post yours pics in the comments or on my Facebook or Twitter!


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