Celebrating the life of Lilly Pulitzer

My post today is going to take a turn. I think this is my first fashion post. As many of you may know, Lilly Pulitzer Rosseau, the fashion designer passed away the other day at the age of 81. I’m going to give an overview of Lilly’s life.

Lilly was bornto socialites Robert McKim and Lillian McKim  in Roslyn New York on November 10, 1931. Lilly had an older sister names Mary and a younger sister named Florence. Lilly was often called the “Queen of Prep.”

Lilly attended Chapin School, which is still in New York City. Following high school, she attended Finch College, an all women’s school which ended up closing in the last seventies.

In 1950 Lilly married Peter Pulitzer and 19 years later she divorced. Soon after, Lilly married Enrique Rosseau and lived in Palm Beach Florida.

Lilly started her business when she moved to Florida with Peter. Peter owned a bunch of orange trees and with the produce, Lilly opened a juice stand. Lilly was soon creating patterned dresses to hide the stains the juice created on her clothes. Her customers loved her dresses and soon they were buying more dresses than juice. She soon began designing more dresses and one was eventually even worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, which shot Lilly to fame. In 1959, Lilly became president of her own company. The company’s factory was located in Miami. In 1984, Lilly closed the entire clothing operation.

However, in 1993, the rights o the brand were purchased by Sugartown WOrldwide Inc. They contacted Lilly about reviving the brand. Today, there are currently 75 Lilly Pulitzer Signature stores. The brand has shifted from only women’s clothes to women’s, men’s, children, bedding, accessories, etc.

Lilly died at her home in West Palm Beach Florida at the age of 81. She will be celebrated as an inspiration to the fashion industry.

View Lilly Pulitzer in a full screen map

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