Dating habits survey

I decided to do a dating habits survey, so we can analyze the differences between men and women when it comes to data. It was a quick 10 question survey done through the ever famous, survey monkey. I’ve surveyed men and women from 18-24 from different parts of the country (though most are from Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania.) What I found actually surprised me. Let’s see if you’re equally surprised as well.

Let’s first analyze my question of: Would you consider dating someone older than you? And my similar question: Would you consider dating someone younger than you? As you can see from the data collected and put into a pie chart below, 100% of women surveyed said they would consider dating someone older than them. This to me is not a shock at all. I personally figured everyone surveyed would be willing to date someone older. What surprised me is that a percentage (as you can see below) of men said that they would not consider dating someone older than they are.

Women, older

Males, older

I also asked which women would consider dating someone younger and which men would consider dating someone younger. This was the same for both genders. Most men and women would be open to dating someone younger than them and only a select few would not. This surprised me. I expected more men to be open to dating someone younger than women. This is because men mature much slower than women, so I am surprised than many women would be open to dating someone younger than they are.

Women, younger

Males, younger

Another question I asked is if the participant would be comfortable asking for a date. This was definitely the biggest shock of my survey. In society, it is expected that guys ask for the date, not the woman… especially if it is the first date. So, this would mean that the men are the most confident when it comes to asking for a date right? And that the women are more uncomfortable than men right? Because it just isn’t expected of them to ask a guy out? Wouldn’t that be like a woman proposing to a guy? Okay, so maybe it’s not the same thing as that -but nonetheless, I was shocked about what I found in my survey. As you can observe by the following graphs, women are more comfortable than men at asking a person out on a date. Before creating this survey and collecting the results I hypothesized that it would be the opposite. Way to go, women! I wish I could be more like them. Who knew men were so shy!

Women, comfortable

Men, comfortable

Moreover, I asked men and women what type of date they would prefer (single, double, group, no preference) More men than women preferred a single date, whereas more women than men did not have a preference. There were men who actually preferred group dates, while there were no women who specifically said, group dates. Let’s back track. This could either be shocking or not so shocking. Men may prefer single dates because they are shy and do not want to embarrass themselves on group dates (That’s how I feel about my dating type preference, but then again I am not a guy) Or this could be surprising information because past questions show that guys get nervous/shy around women and this shows that because they prefer single dates, they will be forced to be one on one with just the girl, which allows focused embarrassment on them.

Women, type

men, Type of date

After seeing the date for the last few questions, I was surprised with the date for my question: What is the best idea for a first date? I expected many men to say movie, because as we all know, in a movie you have little to no interaction for the like what? An hour and a half? I was surprised to see that no men answered movie. The answers to this question were about equal. An equal amount of women and men answered movie and an equal amount said hands on activity. The only responses that were different were that a man responded with “going over someone’s house” and a woman responded with “movie.”

Women, first date

Men, first date

As I said, I surveyed men and women from different places in the United States. Here’s a break up of where they participants were located:

View Men and women involved in dating survey in a full screen map


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