Sneek Peek at Next Week!

I have an interesting blog post for next week. It dives into one of the dating rules: “Never date someone younger than your age divided in half plus 7.” Many women get ridiculed for dating younger men, but yet it’s perfectly acceptable to date an older man.

Cougars are not only 55-year-old women targeting 20-something young men. They are seen on our college campuses and our defined by the term, “kitten.” Kittens are college women who date boys who are still in college.

My friend Katie, the subject of my next blog post, is a “kitten.” She has gotten harassed by her roommate and her room mate’s boyfriend for dating Johnny, who is still in high school. This bullying clearly does not make her feel too great and she doesn’t even want to be in her suite because of this.

There’s a belief among society that men mature much slower than women. Not only that, but high school and college are two different worlds. How could someone in college possibly relate to someone still in high school?

So is it possible to successfully date a guy who is still in high school while you are in college? Find out in my next post which will include a slideshow, audio, video -everything! Until then, join in on the conversation about this topic on my Twitter and Facebook accounts!


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